Variable Life Insurance with a Wide Range of Investment Choices

A variable life insurance policy is permanent insurance, with flexibility to change payments, premiums and death benefit. This insurance also allows you the option to take investment risks in return for a potentially higher cash value. It is designed to help you protect your family’s future with life insurance and give you access to professionally managed investments that can help you accumulate money for your future needs, such as supplemental retirement planning solutions, business planning solutions, long-term care and education funding.

Advantages of Variable Life Insurance

  • Offers greater growth potential than Whole Life insurance, because you have the opportunity to invest in a variety of different portfolios.
  • Fixed premiums, that cannot be increased by the insurance company, allow you to plan cash outlays accurately.

Disadvantages of Variable Life Insurance

  • While you have more growth potential with a variable life insurance policy, you also are subject to more investment risk than with whole life or universal life insurance. Both the policy’s cash value and the amount of the death benefit have the potential to fluctuate up or down based on the performance of the investment options that are selected.
  • You cannot increase or decrease the Face Amount of your policy. Additional coverage requires the purchase of another policy, additional costs and possibly evidence of insurability.
  • Poor investment performance can lead to a reduced cash value and a lower death benefit.

If you think a variable life insurance policy is right for you, let Eagle Financial Group thoroughly discuss all of your options and find you the best variable life insurance quote that will protect your family. Contact one of our Life Insurance Representatives at (800) 205-7203 today or click here to “Request a Quote!”

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