Self-Directed HSA

Are you ready to put your HSA dollars to work for you through an HSA Investment?

Since you have been contributing to your Health Savings Account pretax and letting it grow tax deferred, why not invest your savings by opening a self-directed HSA Investment Brokerage Account with Eagle Financial Group. An HSA Brokerage Account, opened with Eagle Financial Group, is separate from the HSA Checking Account, from which all contributions and withdrawals must be made. The HSA Brokerage Account is not a deposit account held at the Bank of Cashton. Investment options are offered through Cetera Investments Services LLC.

Cetera Investment Services provides you with a self-directed brokerage account that gives you the ability to invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds with your HSA dollars.

Features of an HSA Investment

  • No fee to establish and maintain an HSA Brokerage Account. To open and account, contact Ann Kaiser, Investment Executive at (800) 205-7203.
  • An active HSA Checking Account with the Bank of Cashton is required before an HSA Brokerage Account can be established.
  • NO minimum balance required in the HSA Checking Account in order to be eligible to establish an HSA Brokerage Account.
  • Subsequent transfers can be executed electronically (or manually) to/from the HSA Checking Account at no charge.
  • Cetera Investment Services LLC provides quarterly statements in addition to 24-hour online access at no charge.

Is Self-Directed Investing right for me?

Please understand these few points when considering your HSA investment options.

  • It is possible your investments will lose money.
  • There are no guarantees that your investments will make money.
  • Your investments are NOT FDIC INSURED
  • You cannot make additional contributions to your HSA to replace any losses that occur from investing.

Have questions about how this could work for you and if it fits your investment strategy, contact Ann Kaiser, Investment Executive at (800) 205-7203.

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